• I live in Slovenia
  • I was born on July 30
  • My occupation is First year of computing high school
  • I am Male
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  • Hey there, Klem. Just a small reminder...

    To recap, you remember that I've been away for quite awhile taking care of in real life problems, right? Well, during the duration of my disappearance, I entrusted you with the creation of the tile and background art and Frost with the creation of sprite art... Sadly, it seems both of you forgot to do something about it. The remainder of the game art is still incomplete at 70% at the most.

    I hope you're still ready to do the artworks, Klem. On other notes, I've worked on some concept art for a random sample of rooms... Namely, The Red Caves, Mountains, Beaches and Desert. I made a rocky mud ground for the Caves, a rocky slope for the Mountains, some sand tiles for the Desert and Beach. I'll be posting it shortly. Anyways, I hope, you'll be able to resume your work sometime soon. I'm going to work on the tile art as well so, if you need any help, just ask.

    Also, Happy Easter! (Since today is Easter... :P)

    See you later, Klem.

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    • Hey there Klem, I got my first tilesheet ready. This is only a snip of the original so, it'd be larger than it. The original is exactly 36 x 36 pixels in size. It's just a little bit bigger than the cat and dog sprites so, they'd fit in. I had previously made a Sample Tilesheet with 4 tiles from random areas that would be present in the game.


      The Sample Tiles. (Go to it's link to check out more details about it.)


      The Red Caves tileset. Wall not included. (Check out the About tab on its link to know more.)

      Now, for the other one...

      These are only some concepts except for the Red Caves tileset. 

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    • Hey, i could not think of a way to make another tree, i made water! It's basicly the same as sand but blue, also we don't need to have animated water in my opinion. Also idk who will make the rat sprites, but if it will be one of you then here is a tip:

      Take the mouse sprite and make it a bit hairy, as for other stuff for the rat idk.

      Water Light
      Water Dark
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  • This is to inform you that I am leaving for this Month... as I had planned before. I won't be returning until April 10th or later... but, I may be back before May. If not, after that...

    The reason for my delay during my summer vacation is because I may be busy with some things during that time...

    Hopefully, you've been working on the art... It's been awhile since you replied. Well... You and Frost have a job to do, right now... You will make all the Tilesheet art and Frost will keep the Spritesheets ready... After that, we must set up a working Alpha... You can help Frost do that, if you wish. He would probably work on that. I won't be watching over the development anymore till I return so... I trust you guys will do it by yourselves. If you can't, we can always do it after I get back... just keep the things ready for it by then.

    EYB, Klem! See ya on April or later...

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  • Hi, welcome to Cave Chaos 3D Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Cave Chaos 3D page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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